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Author: Spire Advertising

Danny Perry Brings Party Bikes to Northwest Ohio

Late one night back in 2018 from Sandusky, Ohio, Danny Perry messaged the mayor of Tiffin.

Perry had just seen his future drive by.

“What do you think about bringing party bikes to downtown Tiffin?” he asked. 

The mayor thought it’d be a great addition. Before The Tiffin Pedal Company could be born, Perry had to hunt for his first bike. He researched companies all over the globe and finally settled on a bike from Spain.

“It wasn’t exactly how I wanted it,” Perry said. “The welding wasn’t great, the seats didn’t stay up, the battery wasn’t awesome.”

So Perry reached out to Sarka. 

Known for innovative thinking and their ability to engineer solutions, Sarka took a look at the bike from Spain and worked with Perry to reverse engineer it, improve it, and make it into something Perry could feel proud of.

Perry has bought every one of his party bikes from Sarka ever since.

“Once we found Sarka we had something good going,” said Perry. “It was a very different experience. With the first bike, I took a leap of faith sending money overseas to a company I was pretty sure was real. With Sarka, we can sit down together and tweak ways to improve each bike.”

There are a few standout innovations Perry loves most about Sarka’s bikes. “You can move the bike by pedaling or utilizing electric assist. Our first bike (from Spain) didn’t have reverse functionality, so I had to push it out of storage,” said Perry. 

The back seat design is another unique feature of the Sarka bikes. 

“The back seat faces forward on most bikes you see,” but on the Sarka bike, the team decided to install two bench seats that face each other instead. “It’s perfect for grandparents or people with kids, and it makes it easier to accommodate more groups.”

That’s right—grandparents and kids. People sometimes think that party bikes are filled with just a bunch of people bouncing around to bars. While that tends to be the most popular, some of Perry’s favorite groups have been a group from a nursing home and little kid birthday parties.

“We had a whole group of 80 year olds hop on and ask if they could bring beer,” Perry said, laughing. “The kid birthday parties are a blast, too. We take them down to the park so they can play kickball and then go downtown to get ice cream. They bring a lot of energy and fun.” 

The Tiffin Pedal Company offers a variety of other tours, too, including a history tour that showcases which businesses used to occupy the historic buildings downtown. 

“There’s so many angles you can take,” said Perry.

Today, the Tiffin Pedal Company runs tours in several other communities around Northwest Ohio, including pedal companies in Findlay, Upper Sandusky, and Bowling Green.

“I’ve always loved entrepreneurship and having something I can control myself and build a brand,” said Perry. “This was something cool, a perfect fit for me because I love meeting new people, talking to people, and bringing this new energy to town.”

That’s an important part of planning for a party bike business, said Perry. “You need to work with the city to make sure that it’s something they want. We never want to go into a town where we aren’t welcome.”

Perry met with the mayor and city council to work with them to make sure a party bike would be a good fit. Besides buy-in from the local government, the layout and terrain of the city is another important factor to consider. Although the party bike can manage some steep hills and inclines, too many can pose a challenge.

But with the right city and the right fun-loving spirit, a party bike business can be a real blast.

“It’s a unique, fun business to get into,” said Perry. Are you ready to explore bringing the party bike business to life in your town? Explore the features of a Sarka Party Bike or download our Party Bike Business Guide to get more tips from the pros.

That’s No Ordinary Tour: How Party Bikes Can Set Your Tour Business Apart

If you’re looking for a way to boost your tourist income and bolster your tour business, party bikes are the hit experience to invest in for your city.

Ehhh, you may be thinking, a party bike? What could pedal power really do for tourism in my town?

Lots, actually.

We’ve got 15 reasons party bikes are the best option to add to your tour options.

#1 It’s a Giant Tandem Electric Bike for You and All Your Friends

Okay, so this is probably the most obvious attraction about party bikes: they are unique. You can’t just hop on a party bike in any city. People who are drawn to party bikes want a distinctive, memorable experience, something other people in their circle haven’t done before.

#2 The Ride Centers on Social Engagement

Think about it. All the seats on a bus typically face forward, limiting interaction between just a couple of guests at a time. Your horse-drawn carriage, rickshaw, and bike taxis are limited to just a couple of riders at a time. 

But a party bike puts all of your guests’ attention on each other. Designed like a horseshoe with seats on the outside facing in, party bike customers are here for the joy and delight of each other’s company. Sure, they want to know about your town, too, but they are really in it for the memories they make together.

#3 Customize and Adapt for a Wide Range of Interests

Party bikes can be themed for specific events, holidays, or special occasions, which keeps your business flexible and accommodating for a layer of personalization, drawing a more diverse audience.

#4 Everybody LOVES Eco-Friendly Tourism

Whether your guests want to pedal their way through the night or rely on the battery to do the hard work for them, party bikes are an eco-friendly tour option that is attractive to sustainably minded tourists. Environmentally conscious customers will love this low-impact tour option.

#5 Party Bikes Appeal to Team-Building Activities

With party bikes, you aren’t limited to the out-of-town guests that want to see the sights of your city. Party bikes offer an excellent team-building experience that can help build camaraderie and teamwork in a laid-back environment.

#6 More Ride Options, More Revenue

Party bikes are a great way to introduce a new revenue stream into your tour business. Tour businesses that diversify their operations tend to be more resilient and able to grow over time, which means more money in your pocket.

#7 Designed for High-Touch Tours in Urban Environments

Some people want to see all the sights from on top of a double-decker bus, while other people want to get down to the street level and really experience a region. Party bikes are built for those folks—the lads and lassies who like to engage with businesses, make their way through a neighborhood at a leisurely pace, and really dive into a particular neighborhood’s culture and history.

#8 Instaworthy for the Millennials and Gen Z-ers

About 90% of both millennials and Gen Z-ers use social media, and they all want to show off their unique experiences. Their parents and grandparents took bus tours; what they want is the novelty experience.

#9 Open-Air, Interactive Entertainment

Every night in your town is different, and no two party bike tours in your town will be the same, either. The design of party bikes make them highly interactive, both between the guests and with other bystanders and passersby. Sarka party bikes are equipped with music systems and opportunities for other kinds of onboard entertainment that other traditional tours might lack.

#10 Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Whether they’ve shared your tour on social media or bragged about it at book club, your past guests are going to talk about this experience! Perhaps more than your traditional tours, the unique nature of party bikes can jazz up your word-of-mouth marketing.

#11 Go Where No Tour Could Go Before

“Where we’re going, Marty, we don’t need roads.”

Well, you still need roads with a party bike; however, party bikes can navigate through areas where buses and other tour vehicles can’t reach or face limitations. This means that your tour guides have greater flexibility in planning creative, scenic routes.

#12 Local Collaborators and Sponsorships

Party bikes are designed for frequent stops, so why not partner up with a local pub, winery, or gift shop to design and enhance the party bike experience? Local collaborations are a win-win for your business. You can also sell ad space on your party bike and be a rolling billboard for other partners, generating additional revenue for your business.

#13 A Ride for Every Season

Just because the busy tourist season is over in your town doesn’t mean your party bike business has to shut down. When the tourists leave, your party bike business can adapt and offer seasonal tours and events that capitalize on holidays, festivals, and other seasonal attractions that might appeal to a different demographic than your traditional tour.

#14 Themed Tours Expand Your List of Potential Customers

Party bikes are so adaptable! Your business can offer themed tours to niche markets, which attracts enthusiasts who are looking for a more tailored experience. Draw out the history buffs. Entice the foodies. Lure in the oenophiles. There’s a party bike tour for every Trekkie and tourist.

#15 Party Bikes Promise Repeat Business

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of all the rest is that party bikes are not a limited, one-time-only experience. Your other guests might come into the city once, ride your bus, and leave. The next time they come, well, they’ve done that tour already. Your tour business relies on first-time visitors and word-of-mouth referrals.

But the unique and entertaining nature of party bike tours make them an experience in and of themselves. If the mode of transportation is fun and the night is memorable, the next time that group wants to go out, they may just enlist your services again. And again. And again.

What?? You want more reasons to add party bikes to your tour business?! Fine. Just give us a call and we’ll talk, or download our guide to starting a Sarka Party Bike business. We think you’re gonna love this newest addition to your tour repertoire.

Keep Your Party Bike Business Buzzing All Year Round

You know that your party bike isn’t just about bar hopping and bachelor parties, but have your customers caught your vision yet? It’s up to you to plant the seeds of creative ideas into your prospective customers’ minds, and when it comes to ways they can have a blast on your bike, the possibilities are endless.

Your party bike business is an opportunity to give your customers a new experience every time they board your bike. Locals can see your city in a completely different light, visitors can get a taste of what your city has to offer, and both will find reasons to come back.

Dining and Drinking Adventures

Local restaurants, breweries, and wineries define the flavor of a place. Shake up your party bike routes with variations of tours that will appeal to all kinds of people, from newcomers to lifetime residents of your city:

  • Craft Brews and Local Foods Tours
    Design specialty tours to highlight the little known independent restaurants and breweries in your backyard
  • Progressive Dinner Tours
    Collaborate with multiple restaurants to offer a progressive menu, giving your guests a sampling of different courses at each destination 
  • Pub Crawl Tours
    Partner with area pubs to offer exclusive drinks, drink specials, or special access for your party bike customers
  • Buzz-Free Partying
    Design an alcohol-free adventure for families

Sightseeing and Secret Hideaways Tours

Uncover the little known secrets and behind-the-scenes details that make your town special… the more you know, the more your guests will never forget their experience… and brag about it to their friends!

  • Traveling Wellness Tour Plan a day-long tour for those fitness fanatics who want a workout, meditation, brunch, yoga, a massage, or more. Partner with area fitness experts and businesses to tailor the experience to your town.
  • Treat Yourself Tour Schedule a traveling spa, making your rounds to mani-pedi providers, massage therapists, and more.
  • Historic Sites Tour Partner with your local historical society to identify and research little-known stops that made your town what it is today.
  • Cemetery Tour Who are the who’s-who of your city, and where are they buried? Take your morbidly minded guests into the burial grounds of your city and then top off the night with a custom-designed drink at a local establishment
  • Adventure Tours Highlight local activities like putt-putt, bowling, rock climbing, and more
  • Taste of Art, Music, and Film Tours Showcase the local artists, museums, live music venues, and locations where TV or movies were filmed
  • Local Calendar of Events Tours Keep an eye on upcoming local events and look for ways to build your bike into the calendar of events
  • Mystery Tours Build in an element of surprise by keeping your guests in the dark about the tour’s itinerary, revealing your next stop when you pull up to the door
  • Scavenger Hunt Tours Turn your party bike into a traveling scavenger hunt, offering clues and challenges at each stop

Shake Up Your Typical Route with Unique Themes

Let’s face it, there are only so many different routes through your town, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your route a fresh face every once in a while. These ideas can shake up the same-old-same-old your regulars might expect by putting a new twist on your standard route:

  • Corporate Team-Building Tour Fill the slow daytime hours with a corporate party option that incorporates team challenges, games, and other bonding activities
  • Themed Tours Boost your business with themed tours that encourage partygoers to dress up according to the theme, enjoying period-specific music and entertainment and decorations on your bike to match the theme
  • Charitable Tours Align a tour with a charitable cause and offer to give a portion of your proceeds to that local organization
  • Holiday and Seasonal Tours Connect with area stores and restaurants around the holidays to offer shopping tours, Valentine’s Day dining experiences, and more, adding in special decorations and activities related to that holiday
  • VIP Add-Ons Spice up the night for your special guests by offering special add-ons, such as a personal bartender, premium seating, private tour guides, or other special touches for bridal parties (local chocolate packages, party favors, flowers, etc.) 

It isn’t enough to come up with great ideas for your party bike business. You also need to promote them. These collaborative partnerships across your town will only help your business grow if you market them on your website, social media, and around town. For more tips on how to start your party bike business, download this guide and visit our website to learn how you can give your party bike business a lift with Sarka Party Bikes. Ride on!



Owners Brian Hall and Chris Deal


Tiffin, OH:

Brian Hall, Rick Mooney, and Chris Deal of Wadsworth, Ohio, are the winners of a brand new, American-made party bike built by the Sarka Party Bike Company of Tiffin, Ohio. The trio plans to launch the Grizzly Pedal Company in Wadsworth, Ohio, with a vision to expand operations into five other communities in the next five years.

The Sarka Party Bike Contest invited entrepreneurs to submit an application and their business plan for how they envision bringing a party bike business to life in their hometown.

The owners of Grizzly Pedal Company are well established in the Wadsworth community and can’t wait to add this dynamic, unique service to their downtown. 

“We’re thrilled that our proposal was selected to win a Sarka party bike,” Hall said. “We’ve been planning and dreaming about this for months and can’t wait to get rolling in Wadsworth!”

Hall, Mooney, and Deal have already garnered the support and enthusiasm of local governing officials, who are excited to have a party bike in Wadsworth, and over a dozen local businesses in the area have already signed on to be bike sponsors.

Grizzly Pedal Company expects to launch in their community ASAP. Once they are operational, they plan to conduct tours throughout the area every night of the week. 

“At Grizzly Pedal Company, our mission is to create an unforgettable and unique social experience for our customers. We believe that everyone deserves to have fun and make memories with their friends and family, and we provide the perfect opportunity to do just that,” the business partners wrote in their proposal.

Sarka Party Bike is excited to give Grizzly Pedal Company this leg-up on their pedal bike business. “The Sarka Party Bike Giveaway was an opportunity to find great entrepreneurs in the right cities who would help promote our product while also helping them launch their business. This contest highlighted that there are so many unique communities with great history and vibrant downtowns. Brian, Chris, and the city of Wadsworth are a great fit and we are confident they will exceed expectations!” Joe Steinmetz, VP of Operations said.

If you are interested in what it would look like to bring a party bike business to your hometown, you can read more on Sarka Party Bike’s blog, or connect with Sarka Party Bike to learn more.


About Sarka Party Bike:

Sarka Party Bikes offer a unique addition to any downtown, giving tourists a safe, entertaining, and memorable way to explore cities. “We have engineered a bike that is top of the class in safety, function, and entertainment. The Sarka Party Bike is designed so nearly all ages and abilities can enjoy their ride and is a great way to promote their towns, provide a fun experience, while building a great small business. You can earn money by showing off your community while having fun! What more could you ask for?!” said Steinmetz.

Sarka Party Bike is owned by Todd Sarka and is a subsect of Sarka Conveyors, a long-standing Tiffin-area manufacturer. Visit to learn more.



Party Bike FAQS

Everything You Need to Know About the Party Bike Biz

The smallest questions can keep us from taking the leap into a great thing. This is true for the party bike business as well. 

We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions (Hey! We were asking them too!) below to help folks like us, who want to start something new but just need a few more answers before going all-in.

Party Bike Operational Questions

Q: What qualifications should a driver have?

Your drivers are essentially tour guides and the night’s party emcee. Their job is to help the group loosen up and have a good time. Drivers should have a sense of humor and be personable while catering to the personality and vibe of the party itself. 

The more a driver can relate to and build rapport with the group, the better tips they’ll earn by the end of the night.

Q: Do you need a special license or permit to operate a bike? 

The State of Ohio passed a law related to quadricycles that allows a party bike to be operational in the state without special licensing. 

However, each city or town may have specific rules and regulations for party bikes. We always recommend communicating with city officials so they are on board with the plan for a party bike.

Q: What is the driver’s compensation for a ride?

We pay $40 for a two-hour ride, and the driver keeps all tips they earn. For the extrovert who likes to bring life to a party, it’s a great side gig to earn extra cash without having to work a bunch of extra hours.

Q: Is there a regular route that drivers take?

It depends on the group. Some riders know where they want to go and what they want to do, so we let them dictate the route and stops along the way. 

Other groups are just along for the ride. In that case, our drivers will follow their preferred route, stopping at our bike sponsors.

Q: How do I advertise or market my bike when I first start?

One of the best ways to spread the word about your party bike business is simply to get out on the road with riders and show off your new bike. Give your friends and family members free rides to start building buzz, and don’t forget to take photos of the experience to share online. 

In terms of marketing beyond word of mouth, social media and a website are essential. Contact local media outlets to do stories on the bike. 

We also recommend donating free rides to fundraisers. The more people you have on your bike, the more exposure and future opportunities your business will have.

And encourage your riders to share reviews of your business on social media, Google, Yelp, and elsewhere.

Q: What are the bike’s advertising options and how much should I charge?

With at least six different areas to sell advertising, the bike’s advertising spots can net a bike owner $15,000 a year in revenue. 

You’ll want to survey your market to determine your own competitive advertising rates for space on the bike because every market will be different. We can provide a pricing baseline to get you started.

Q: What equipment or utilities are needed for overnight and end-of-season storage?

If you don’t have height restrictions, all you really need is a standard 110 outlet to charge your bike’s batteries, and a shelter/garage to protect your equipment from the elements. 

If you’re storing your bike in a standard opening garage, we sell bikes with adjustable roofs that lower at the push of a button.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

We honestly don’t know! We’ve tried to run the batteries dead and gave up after six hours of non-stop riding. Many variables will affect battery life, including total weight of the group on the bike, inclines, how many stops are made, pedaling, and even the brightness of the LEDs. We’ve designed the bike to add even more batteries if an owner would want more juice!

Q: What maintenance needs to be done?

Just like any bike or car, it is important to perform some regular maintenance checks to keep your party bike in tip-top condition.

We recommend regular checks on the pedals and chains. The chains have a tensioning system to quickly make adjustments. Check any bolts to ensure everything is tight. Check brake fluid once a year. (Don’t forget to check the blinker fluid)!

Party Bike Tour Questions

Q: How many people can ride on the bike and do you have to be a certain age?

Up to 14 passengers can ride on the bike, and all ages are welcome. 

There are also a variety of seating options for riders, including adjustable seats and bench seats on the back. Riders can even stand in the middle bar area to dance or socialize with their friends if they’d like.

Q: How long does a typical tour last?

Two-hour tours are standard, but we also offer a power hour ride on select nights.

Q: Are there rules that riders read before the ride?

Every driver should have a prepared pre-ride speech that explains the rules to keep your riders safe and legal. This should include what to do when the bike makes a stop at an establishment, the law of having an open container on and off the bike, the trash can’s location, and a reminder to be respectful toward people in the community.

Q: What is the cost to rent the bike?

We recommend varying your rates between weeknights and weekends, but the average cost per rider is between $20-$25.

Q: Can people bring their own alcohol and drinks?

The quadricycle law in Ohio allows for people to carry on 36 oz. of beer or 18 oz. of wine per person. During a ride, the bike will make stops at local establishments so that riders can replenish if they’d like. 

While drivers might be the tour guide and emcee of the night, they are not bartenders—drivers don’t sell or serve.

Q: What happens if it rains?

Unless there is severe weather, riders ride as planned because the bike is equipped with a canopy top to help riders stay dry. We recommend bringing a poncho or some light rain gear. If you do have to cancel the ride we will provide a raincheck or we can issue a refund.

Q: Do riders have to pedal?

They can but it’s not required. The bike is equipped with lithium ion batteries and a small motor to assist riders. This allows riders of all ages and abilities to enjoy the party bike. 

For those pedal enthusiasts, you can set the bike up to be pedal only!

Now that you’ve gotten all of those questions answered, are you ready to start your party bike business? Sarka Party Bike offers the best in customizable, dependable, and American-made pedal bar/party bike equipment so that you can bring the party to your downtown. Let’s get rolling!

Sarka Party Bike: Made for Homer Simpsons & Lance Armstrongs Alike

Party bikes are all about delivering a memorable experience to your customers as they tour your favorite town. But if your customers keep losing their purses, complaining about their seats, or missing photo ops because their phones are dead, that memorable experience is likely to be bad, turning into lousy reviews for you. 

And everyone knows the damage bad reviews can do.

With the right party bike, you can make sure your customers take home only the best memories of their experience and spread them for other future customers to hear.

Sarka Party Bikes offer several distinctive features that will wow your customers, boost your revenue, and make your drivers’ experience more enjoyable, which means less employee turnover and fewer headaches for you.

Sarka Party Bikes Have All the Bells and Whistles
(and Purse Hooks and Phone Chargers)

You may care a lot about a bike’s quality construction and Made in the U.S.A. label, which we’ll get to, but let’s talk customer experience first. 

We all know what your customer cares about most: their phones. 

No one on board your Sarka Party Bike has to worry about dead phones and missed photo opportunities. Each bike is equipped with phone chargers as a standard perk for your riders. 

We’ve decked out our bikes with all the bells and whistles, including purse hooks, so your passengers can ride without worrying about clinging to their bags.

This isn’t the Tour de France here, and your riders aren’t Lance Armstrong. No one wants to bounce around town on a bicycle seat all night. Sarka Party Bikes are equipped with comfortable seats with backrests and seatbelts. 

There’s even a platform for folks who need a little extra room to sit on the back.

See? Sarka Party Bikes help you eliminate about a dozen nightly complaints! Now, for the details that matter most to you…

Learn more about owning a Sarka Party Bike.

High Quality Engineering, Made in the U.S.A.

Our company brings decades of manufacturing knowledge to the party bike industry to produce the finest product on the market. 

One of our customers, Danny Perry of Tiffin Pedal Company, bought his first bike overseas and wasn’t thrilled with its quality, so he asked us to build a bike for him. He was so happy with that one, he invested in another! 

Danny told us, “That bike outperforms anything I’ve seen on the market with unique features that make the ride more enjoyable for the driver and riders.”

Don’t Sweat It, Our Party Bikes Are Energy Efficient

Equipped with lithium-ion batteries, Sarka Party Bikes provide hours of rides without a charge, keeping more cash in your pocket.

And they’re energy efficient for your customers! If you do get a crew of Lance Armstrongs on your bike, they can pedal their hearts out without relying on the motor at all… however, if you’re hosting a bunch of Homer Simpsons, they can opt to pedal as little or as much as they want and let the motor do the sweating for them.

Customize for More Character (and Business)

Again, your party bike is all about bringing the party to your downtown area, so bring on the lights, crazy paint jobs, extra features, and more to make this business reflect your personality, the colors of the local university, or the exciting nightlife of your city.

All of our party bikes come equipped with space to place ad banners and signs for area local businesses so you can generate additional ad revenue while your party bike scoots around town, filled with smiling, happy people.

Don’t let your party bike business turn into a total flop. Invest in a Sarka Party Bike to give your customers a great night to remember.

How Do I Get Into the Party Bike/ Pedal Bar Business?

If you’ve been thinking about investing in a great side hustle with a unique “spin,” the party bike business might be the perfect fit for your hometown. But where do you even begin? Joe Steinmetz, owner of BG Pedal in Bowling Green, Ohio, has some advice for those who are just starting out. 

Steinmetz runs one party bike in Bowling Green with plans to start a second bike in Findlay this summer. His party bike tours in Bowling Green start and end at Arlyn’s Good Beer, which has turned into a sweet partnership for both the bar and for BG Pedal. Steinmetz started out driving bikes for Tiffin Pedal about three or four years ago. “It was extra money and fun to do. I thought this type of business could do well in another city.” So Steinmetz decided to take a bike up to Bowling Green and see what happened. 

“Really I just did it for the extra income, but now it’s kind of a side hustle,” Steinmetz said. “My drivers make pretty good money doing it, and it’s an all around fun adventure as well.”

Like anything else, it can be hard to get public support for something new and different in a city, and generating public buy-in for party bikes in BG and Findlay both was a little challenging at first. 

“There’s always someone who is going to disagree with something new – especially if people think party bikes are just a bunch of people getting sloppy drunk,” Steinmetz said with a laugh. To counteract the public’s misperception about party bikes, Steinmetz recommends engaging in as many one-on-one conversations as possible and spreading the word about all of the different ways people have found to enjoy party bikes. Besides the traditional types of parties you might imagine, like bachelorette parties, “We’ve had little league softball teams, retirement parties, coffee tours, and more,” Steinmetz said. The more you’re able to direct conversations toward all of the options available for bike rentals, the quicker the community will open up to the idea of a party bike in their town.

And once people see the benefits, the excitement is contagious.

“When you bring a new venture to a town, overcoming all of the hurdles, and then get people on it and having a great time, both riders and drivers, it’s a blast,” said Steinmetz. People don’t expect to have as much fun as they end up experiencing and then spread the word to their friends and neighbors. Steinmetz also finds it rewarding to be a part of the community, contributing in greater ways to what’s happening in his town. 

“We try to give back as much as we can to charitable organizations,” he shared. “We’ve given away 10-15 rides to charity events where they auction them off.”

Since you’re already eager to get the party started with a party bike business, you’re probably ready to get started. Steinmetz said the most challenging part of the business has been the mundane, little things you just don’t think about at first, like setting up a business checking account, figuring out where to store your bike, determining the start and end locations for your business… all of these details are the pieces and parts that are necessary to do but not necessarily as fun as inviting people for a ride.

The partnership with Arlyn’s turned out to be a big win for Steinmetz. “More than anything, we were really happy when we could connect with Arlyn’s as the start and stopping point,” he said. “They loved the idea and were all in on it.” This could prove to be a useful strategy for others who are interested in starting a party bike business in their hometown, too. When two businesses are able to collaborate together for the good of the town, everybody wins.

If you’re ready to get started with your party bike venture, “Begin with your local government entities and local city council to get city buy-in,” Steinmetz said. “Once they’re on board, it’s all about purchasing a bike and getting into the production schedule. Figure out where you are going to store your bike and start your tours, then start to promote sponsorship opportunities and begin marketing your business.” Sarka Party Bikes are uniquely designed to feature space for sponsors to advertise, giving an added source of revenue to your bike business.

And if you have other questions that Google (or Sarka) can’t answer for you, don’t be afraid to talk to other bike owners in other cities. “Most are really willing to share information, like how do you pay owner-operators, drivers, and so on,” said Steinmetz. “Reach out to people who have a business already.” They, like you, are in the business of making good times happen for people.

Now is the time to take the leap and make something unique and fun happen in your city. Connect with Sarka Party Bike to learn more and discover the advantages of our equipment for your new party bike business.

Should You Start a
Party Bike Business?

If you’re looking for a fun, unique way to bring the party to your town, and make money while doing it, a party bike is the way to go. Party bikes—also known as pedal bars—offer friends, bachelor/ettes, birthday parties, tourists, and more a convenient and safe way to experience all that your city has to offer.

If you’ve seen these around other cities before, you might think it looks like an exhausting way to spend an evening out on the town. Never fear, you don’t have to pedal the whole time to make the party bike move; party bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that provide hours of rides without a charge. Because of this, passengers can pedal as little or as much as they want.

Is a party bike business the right investment opportunity for you? Here are #3 questions to ask yourself before jumping in to the party bike scene:

Do you love people?

Party bikes are all about creating a dynamic and entertaining evening for people who are out looking for a good time. If you plan to be a party bike owner-operator, you are at the helm of what could be the best night of their lives! Driving a party bike isn’t just about making money; it’s about ushering people into a memorable adventure.

Do you plan to own and manage a fleet of bikes?

You still need to love people. It takes a certain type of person to cast a vision, train, and manage a crew of party bike drivers. These folks can make or break the party bike experience. They are entertainers, bartenders, and tour guides in addition to being the designated drivers. You have a vision for what this experience ought to look like, and you need to be ready to cast that vision, inspire your drivers, and encourage them to have a good time right alongside their crew of tourists and community travelers.

Do you love your city?

If you’re proud of your downtown, if you know all the ins and outs, the hidden hot spots, the favorite dives and the tourist sights, and you never grow tired of pointing people in the direction of a great time, then the party bike business could be a great fit. Party bikes are an excellent way for visitors to experience a city. Unlike a tour bus, the bikes are quiet. They give you and your drivers the space and audience to share what you love about your town, listen to your group’s feedback, and direct them to the places that will match their dreams for the night. In addition to the tour revenue; you can quickly generate income directly to your bottom line by selling advertising space on the bike to local businesses. This is a great way to partner with local businesses and create excitement about your new adventure.

Do you want to go into business for yourself?

If you love people and love your city, the last question you need to ask is whether being an entrepreneur excites you. Owning your own business can give you the flexibility and freedom to go explore other places. It won’t tie you down, unless you let it. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, thrill seekers, challenge acceptors, and business managers. And owning a party bike business can offer a simple and fun way to add income without added stress. The cost of starting a new Party Bike business is comparably low to other new business startups. We are also Party Bike owners and can help navigate questions and offer useful tips when first launching your business.

If that kind of fun, freedom, and responsibility, lights you up, then take this chance to prove your business chops. Start something to celebrate the city you love that delivers a new and unique experience to people. Schedule a consultation or find out how Sarka Party Bikes are built to offer your customers the best party experience. You could be rolling in no time.

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