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Keep Your Party Bike Business Buzzing All Year Round

You know that your party bike isn’t just about bar hopping and bachelor parties, but have your customers caught your vision yet? It’s up to you to plant the seeds of creative ideas into your prospective customers’ minds, and when it comes to ways they can have a blast on your bike, the possibilities are endless.

Your party bike business is an opportunity to give your customers a new experience every time they board your bike. Locals can see your city in a completely different light, visitors can get a taste of what your city has to offer, and both will find reasons to come back.

Dining and Drinking Adventures

Local restaurants, breweries, and wineries define the flavor of a place. Shake up your party bike routes with variations of tours that will appeal to all kinds of people, from newcomers to lifetime residents of your city:

  • Craft Brews and Local Foods Tours
    Design specialty tours to highlight the little known independent restaurants and breweries in your backyard
  • Progressive Dinner Tours
    Collaborate with multiple restaurants to offer a progressive menu, giving your guests a sampling of different courses at each destination 
  • Pub Crawl Tours
    Partner with area pubs to offer exclusive drinks, drink specials, or special access for your party bike customers
  • Buzz-Free Partying
    Design an alcohol-free adventure for families

Sightseeing and Secret Hideaways Tours

Uncover the little known secrets and behind-the-scenes details that make your town special… the more you know, the more your guests will never forget their experience… and brag about it to their friends!

  • Traveling Wellness Tour Plan a day-long tour for those fitness fanatics who want a workout, meditation, brunch, yoga, a massage, or more. Partner with area fitness experts and businesses to tailor the experience to your town.
  • Treat Yourself Tour Schedule a traveling spa, making your rounds to mani-pedi providers, massage therapists, and more.
  • Historic Sites Tour Partner with your local historical society to identify and research little-known stops that made your town what it is today.
  • Cemetery Tour Who are the who’s-who of your city, and where are they buried? Take your morbidly minded guests into the burial grounds of your city and then top off the night with a custom-designed drink at a local establishment
  • Adventure Tours Highlight local activities like putt-putt, bowling, rock climbing, and more
  • Taste of Art, Music, and Film Tours Showcase the local artists, museums, live music venues, and locations where TV or movies were filmed
  • Local Calendar of Events Tours Keep an eye on upcoming local events and look for ways to build your bike into the calendar of events
  • Mystery Tours Build in an element of surprise by keeping your guests in the dark about the tour’s itinerary, revealing your next stop when you pull up to the door
  • Scavenger Hunt Tours Turn your party bike into a traveling scavenger hunt, offering clues and challenges at each stop

Shake Up Your Typical Route with Unique Themes

Let’s face it, there are only so many different routes through your town, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your route a fresh face every once in a while. These ideas can shake up the same-old-same-old your regulars might expect by putting a new twist on your standard route:

  • Corporate Team-Building Tour Fill the slow daytime hours with a corporate party option that incorporates team challenges, games, and other bonding activities
  • Themed Tours Boost your business with themed tours that encourage partygoers to dress up according to the theme, enjoying period-specific music and entertainment and decorations on your bike to match the theme
  • Charitable Tours Align a tour with a charitable cause and offer to give a portion of your proceeds to that local organization
  • Holiday and Seasonal Tours Connect with area stores and restaurants around the holidays to offer shopping tours, Valentine’s Day dining experiences, and more, adding in special decorations and activities related to that holiday
  • VIP Add-Ons Spice up the night for your special guests by offering special add-ons, such as a personal bartender, premium seating, private tour guides, or other special touches for bridal parties (local chocolate packages, party favors, flowers, etc.) 

It isn’t enough to come up with great ideas for your party bike business. You also need to promote them. These collaborative partnerships across your town will only help your business grow if you market them on your website, social media, and around town. For more tips on how to start your party bike business, download this guide and visit our website to learn how you can give your party bike business a lift with Sarka Party Bikes. Ride on!

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