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That’s No Ordinary Tour: How Party Bikes Can Set Your Tour Business Apart

If you’re looking for a way to boost your tourist income and bolster your tour business, party bikes are the hit experience to invest in for your city.

Ehhh, you may be thinking, a party bike? What could pedal power really do for tourism in my town?

Lots, actually.

We’ve got 15 reasons party bikes are the best option to add to your tour options.

#1 It’s a Giant Tandem Electric Bike for You and All Your Friends

Okay, so this is probably the most obvious attraction about party bikes: they are unique. You can’t just hop on a party bike in any city. People who are drawn to party bikes want a distinctive, memorable experience, something other people in their circle haven’t done before.

#2 The Ride Centers on Social Engagement

Think about it. All the seats on a bus typically face forward, limiting interaction between just a couple of guests at a time. Your horse-drawn carriage, rickshaw, and bike taxis are limited to just a couple of riders at a time. 

But a party bike puts all of your guests’ attention on each other. Designed like a horseshoe with seats on the outside facing in, party bike customers are here for the joy and delight of each other’s company. Sure, they want to know about your town, too, but they are really in it for the memories they make together.

#3 Customize and Adapt for a Wide Range of Interests

Party bikes can be themed for specific events, holidays, or special occasions, which keeps your business flexible and accommodating for a layer of personalization, drawing a more diverse audience.

#4 Everybody LOVES Eco-Friendly Tourism

Whether your guests want to pedal their way through the night or rely on the battery to do the hard work for them, party bikes are an eco-friendly tour option that is attractive to sustainably minded tourists. Environmentally conscious customers will love this low-impact tour option.

#5 Party Bikes Appeal to Team-Building Activities

With party bikes, you aren’t limited to the out-of-town guests that want to see the sights of your city. Party bikes offer an excellent team-building experience that can help build camaraderie and teamwork in a laid-back environment.

#6 More Ride Options, More Revenue

Party bikes are a great way to introduce a new revenue stream into your tour business. Tour businesses that diversify their operations tend to be more resilient and able to grow over time, which means more money in your pocket.

#7 Designed for High-Touch Tours in Urban Environments

Some people want to see all the sights from on top of a double-decker bus, while other people want to get down to the street level and really experience a region. Party bikes are built for those folks—the lads and lassies who like to engage with businesses, make their way through a neighborhood at a leisurely pace, and really dive into a particular neighborhood’s culture and history.

#8 Instaworthy for the Millennials and Gen Z-ers

About 90% of both millennials and Gen Z-ers use social media, and they all want to show off their unique experiences. Their parents and grandparents took bus tours; what they want is the novelty experience.

#9 Open-Air, Interactive Entertainment

Every night in your town is different, and no two party bike tours in your town will be the same, either. The design of party bikes make them highly interactive, both between the guests and with other bystanders and passersby. Sarka party bikes are equipped with music systems and opportunities for other kinds of onboard entertainment that other traditional tours might lack.

#10 Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Whether they’ve shared your tour on social media or bragged about it at book club, your past guests are going to talk about this experience! Perhaps more than your traditional tours, the unique nature of party bikes can jazz up your word-of-mouth marketing.

#11 Go Where No Tour Could Go Before

“Where we’re going, Marty, we don’t need roads.”

Well, you still need roads with a party bike; however, party bikes can navigate through areas where buses and other tour vehicles can’t reach or face limitations. This means that your tour guides have greater flexibility in planning creative, scenic routes.

#12 Local Collaborators and Sponsorships

Party bikes are designed for frequent stops, so why not partner up with a local pub, winery, or gift shop to design and enhance the party bike experience? Local collaborations are a win-win for your business. You can also sell ad space on your party bike and be a rolling billboard for other partners, generating additional revenue for your business.

#13 A Ride for Every Season

Just because the busy tourist season is over in your town doesn’t mean your party bike business has to shut down. When the tourists leave, your party bike business can adapt and offer seasonal tours and events that capitalize on holidays, festivals, and other seasonal attractions that might appeal to a different demographic than your traditional tour.

#14 Themed Tours Expand Your List of Potential Customers

Party bikes are so adaptable! Your business can offer themed tours to niche markets, which attracts enthusiasts who are looking for a more tailored experience. Draw out the history buffs. Entice the foodies. Lure in the oenophiles. There’s a party bike tour for every Trekkie and tourist.

#15 Party Bikes Promise Repeat Business

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of all the rest is that party bikes are not a limited, one-time-only experience. Your other guests might come into the city once, ride your bus, and leave. The next time they come, well, they’ve done that tour already. Your tour business relies on first-time visitors and word-of-mouth referrals.

But the unique and entertaining nature of party bike tours make them an experience in and of themselves. If the mode of transportation is fun and the night is memorable, the next time that group wants to go out, they may just enlist your services again. And again. And again.

What?? You want more reasons to add party bikes to your tour business?! Fine. Just give us a call and we’ll talk, or download our guide to starting a Sarka Party Bike business. We think you’re gonna love this newest addition to your tour repertoire.

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