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Party Bike FAQS

Everything You Need to Know About the Party Bike Biz

The smallest questions can keep us from taking the leap into a great thing. This is true for the party bike business as well. 

We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions (Hey! We were asking them too!) below to help folks like us, who want to start something new but just need a few more answers before going all-in.

Party Bike Operational Questions

Q: What qualifications should a driver have?

Your drivers are essentially tour guides and the night’s party emcee. Their job is to help the group loosen up and have a good time. Drivers should have a sense of humor and be personable while catering to the personality and vibe of the party itself. 

The more a driver can relate to and build rapport with the group, the better tips they’ll earn by the end of the night.

Q: Do you need a special license or permit to operate a bike? 

The State of Ohio passed a law related to quadricycles that allows a party bike to be operational in the state without special licensing. 

However, each city or town may have specific rules and regulations for party bikes. We always recommend communicating with city officials so they are on board with the plan for a party bike.

Q: What is the driver’s compensation for a ride?

We pay $40 for a two-hour ride, and the driver keeps all tips they earn. For the extrovert who likes to bring life to a party, it’s a great side gig to earn extra cash without having to work a bunch of extra hours.

Q: Is there a regular route that drivers take?

It depends on the group. Some riders know where they want to go and what they want to do, so we let them dictate the route and stops along the way. 

Other groups are just along for the ride. In that case, our drivers will follow their preferred route, stopping at our bike sponsors.

Q: How do I advertise or market my bike when I first start?

One of the best ways to spread the word about your party bike business is simply to get out on the road with riders and show off your new bike. Give your friends and family members free rides to start building buzz, and don’t forget to take photos of the experience to share online. 

In terms of marketing beyond word of mouth, social media and a website are essential. Contact local media outlets to do stories on the bike. 

We also recommend donating free rides to fundraisers. The more people you have on your bike, the more exposure and future opportunities your business will have.

And encourage your riders to share reviews of your business on social media, Google, Yelp, and elsewhere.

Q: What are the bike’s advertising options and how much should I charge?

With at least six different areas to sell advertising, the bike’s advertising spots can net a bike owner $15,000 a year in revenue. 

You’ll want to survey your market to determine your own competitive advertising rates for space on the bike because every market will be different. We can provide a pricing baseline to get you started.

Q: What equipment or utilities are needed for overnight and end-of-season storage?

If you don’t have height restrictions, all you really need is a standard 110 outlet to charge your bike’s batteries, and a shelter/garage to protect your equipment from the elements. 

If you’re storing your bike in a standard opening garage, we sell bikes with adjustable roofs that lower at the push of a button.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

We honestly don’t know! We’ve tried to run the batteries dead and gave up after six hours of non-stop riding. Many variables will affect battery life, including total weight of the group on the bike, inclines, how many stops are made, pedaling, and even the brightness of the LEDs. We’ve designed the bike to add even more batteries if an owner would want more juice!

Q: What maintenance needs to be done?

Just like any bike or car, it is important to perform some regular maintenance checks to keep your party bike in tip-top condition.

We recommend regular checks on the pedals and chains. The chains have a tensioning system to quickly make adjustments. Check any bolts to ensure everything is tight. Check brake fluid once a year. (Don’t forget to check the blinker fluid)!

Party Bike Tour Questions

Q: How many people can ride on the bike and do you have to be a certain age?

Up to 14 passengers can ride on the bike, and all ages are welcome. 

There are also a variety of seating options for riders, including adjustable seats and bench seats on the back. Riders can even stand in the middle bar area to dance or socialize with their friends if they’d like.

Q: How long does a typical tour last?

Two-hour tours are standard, but we also offer a power hour ride on select nights.

Q: Are there rules that riders read before the ride?

Every driver should have a prepared pre-ride speech that explains the rules to keep your riders safe and legal. This should include what to do when the bike makes a stop at an establishment, the law of having an open container on and off the bike, the trash can’s location, and a reminder to be respectful toward people in the community.

Q: What is the cost to rent the bike?

We recommend varying your rates between weeknights and weekends, but the average cost per rider is between $20-$25.

Q: Can people bring their own alcohol and drinks?

The quadricycle law in Ohio allows for people to carry on 36 oz. of beer or 18 oz. of wine per person. During a ride, the bike will make stops at local establishments so that riders can replenish if they’d like. 

While drivers might be the tour guide and emcee of the night, they are not bartenders—drivers don’t sell or serve.

Q: What happens if it rains?

Unless there is severe weather, riders ride as planned because the bike is equipped with a canopy top to help riders stay dry. We recommend bringing a poncho or some light rain gear. If you do have to cancel the ride we will provide a raincheck or we can issue a refund.

Q: Do riders have to pedal?

They can but it’s not required. The bike is equipped with lithium ion batteries and a small motor to assist riders. This allows riders of all ages and abilities to enjoy the party bike. 

For those pedal enthusiasts, you can set the bike up to be pedal only!

Now that you’ve gotten all of those questions answered, are you ready to start your party bike business? Sarka Party Bike offers the best in customizable, dependable, and American-made pedal bar/party bike equipment so that you can bring the party to your downtown. Let’s get rolling!

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