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Sarka Party Bike: Made for Homer Simpsons & Lance Armstrongs Alike

Party bikes are all about delivering a memorable experience to your customers as they tour your favorite town. But if your customers keep losing their purses, complaining about their seats, or missing photo ops because their phones are dead, that memorable experience is likely to be bad, turning into lousy reviews for you. 

And everyone knows the damage bad reviews can do.

With the right party bike, you can make sure your customers take home only the best memories of their experience and spread them for other future customers to hear.

Sarka Party Bikes offer several distinctive features that will wow your customers, boost your revenue, and make your drivers’ experience more enjoyable, which means less employee turnover and fewer headaches for you.

Sarka Party Bikes Have All the Bells and Whistles
(and Purse Hooks and Phone Chargers)

You may care a lot about a bike’s quality construction and Made in the U.S.A. label, which we’ll get to, but let’s talk customer experience first. 

We all know what your customer cares about most: their phones. 

No one on board your Sarka Party Bike has to worry about dead phones and missed photo opportunities. Each bike is equipped with phone chargers as a standard perk for your riders. 

We’ve decked out our bikes with all the bells and whistles, including purse hooks, so your passengers can ride without worrying about clinging to their bags.

This isn’t the Tour de France here, and your riders aren’t Lance Armstrong. No one wants to bounce around town on a bicycle seat all night. Sarka Party Bikes are equipped with comfortable seats with backrests and seatbelts. 

There’s even a platform for folks who need a little extra room to sit on the back.

See? Sarka Party Bikes help you eliminate about a dozen nightly complaints! Now, for the details that matter most to you…

Learn more about owning a Sarka Party Bike.

High Quality Engineering, Made in the U.S.A.

Our company brings decades of manufacturing knowledge to the party bike industry to produce the finest product on the market. 

One of our customers, Danny Perry of Tiffin Pedal Company, bought his first bike overseas and wasn’t thrilled with its quality, so he asked us to build a bike for him. He was so happy with that one, he invested in another! 

Danny told us, “That bike outperforms anything I’ve seen on the market with unique features that make the ride more enjoyable for the driver and riders.”

Don’t Sweat It, Our Party Bikes Are Energy Efficient

Equipped with lithium-ion batteries, Sarka Party Bikes provide hours of rides without a charge, keeping more cash in your pocket.

And they’re energy efficient for your customers! If you do get a crew of Lance Armstrongs on your bike, they can pedal their hearts out without relying on the motor at all… however, if you’re hosting a bunch of Homer Simpsons, they can opt to pedal as little or as much as they want and let the motor do the sweating for them.

Customize for More Character (and Business)

Again, your party bike is all about bringing the party to your downtown area, so bring on the lights, crazy paint jobs, extra features, and more to make this business reflect your personality, the colors of the local university, or the exciting nightlife of your city.

All of our party bikes come equipped with space to place ad banners and signs for area local businesses so you can generate additional ad revenue while your party bike scoots around town, filled with smiling, happy people.

Don’t let your party bike business turn into a total flop. Invest in a Sarka Party Bike to give your customers a great night to remember.

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