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Running your own business is in your wheelhouse. You love your hometown and wanna keep seeing cool things roll in. So why not run a party bike business? Enter our giveaway to get those wheels in motion.

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  • WHO

    Aspiring entrepreneurs in Ohio who love their city and want to show it off in style are invited to enter.

  • WHEN

    Entries will be accepted until 5PM on Thursday, May 18, 2023. Up to five finalists will be selected by June 1, 2023.

  • WHAT

    The winner will receive one complete Sarka Party Bike to offer tours around your town!

pedal bike, party


  • 1. Complete the Interest Form


    The first step to enter the giveaway is to let us know you’re interested by requesting the full application. If you’re just now beginning to think about owning your own party bike business, we can walk you through the steps to make sure your community is a good fit.
    Check eligibility and terms below »

  • 2. Get the Link


    After completing the inital interest form, you’ll receive an email from us explaining next steps and a link with the official application to enter the giveaway! In order to be eligible for the Sarka Party Bike contest, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve done the work of connecting with local government officials who can advise you as to the parameters in place for party bikes (or quadricycles) in your community. Judges will make their final selections based on whether you demonstrate the support of your town, if your community is large enough to support this endeavor, the geography of the region (large hills aren’t going to cut it), and your general business plan for running a party bike company. etc. 
    Check eligibility and terms below »



    Submit your full application from the link we provided in our email. Now, just sit back and dream of all the fun your community could have with a party bike rolling through town. But don’t keep it to yourself! Start spreading the word to your local community leaders, tourism agencies, downtown shops and restaurants, friends, and neighbors. The more people that get excited about your party bike prospects, the more viability your future business could have! 

Okay, we KNOW you have questions!

Feel free to contact us if you have a question that isn’t on this list.

Who’s judging this thing?

A panel of independent judges will select a winning candidate, basing their decision on the criteria listed above.

Is this really FREE?

You don’t have to pay anything to enter the Sarka Party Bike contest; however, owning a business is a serious investment, and you will need to factor in ongoing costs of operation, from hiring, training, and paying drivers to ongoing service and maintenance, promotion, bike storage and transportation, and so on. This is why the business plan is such an important part of the application. So, the bike is free… but you’re going to need start-up funds to get it rolling.

Do I have to pay taxes on my new Sarka Party Bike if I win?

Yes, just like any other contest, the IRS requires you to report prizes and winnings on your tax return, which means you’ll likely have to pay taxes on the party bike, if you win.

Does a party bike require a liquor license?

Ordinances vary from city to city; we’d be happy to help point you in the right direction to understand the rules in your own city. Riders often BYOB, or, if the bike is in a DORA community, open carry from the restaurants they patronize so that drivers do not have to operate as bartenders.

Do I need insurance to operate a party bike?

Yes, just like an automobile, you’ll want to make sure you and your guests are covered by limited liability insurance and property damage insurance, in addition to other optional coverage for liquor liability and so on.

Can my guests be charged with a DUI or OVI?

Riders are not in control of the party bike, even if they are pedaling. A trained—and sober—driver is doing the steering. 

I want a green polka-dot body with a pink striped canopy and an adjustable roof on my party bike. Can you do that for me?

We might question your color palette, but yes, we can customize your party bike. Standard customization options for your paint and canopy colors are included with the bike. Additional options, like an adjustable roof (and wildly radical color combinations) can be purchased.

If I win, how will I get my party bike?

Once we’ve worked with you to customize your bike according to our standard options of body and canopy colors (or other add-on features at your expense), we’ll be glad to deliver the bike to your destination!


Start a social media campaign online to help others cheer on your efforts. Use #SarkaPartyBikeYOURTOWN to spread the word!

Click the social icons to share the contest page!

Countdown to Enter the Giveaway

Entries will be accepted until 5PM on Thursday, May 18, 2023.


Terms & Conditions

The party bike is NOT amphibious. It will not float. Drivers of party bikes may not be under the influence. If found sitting at a red light paired up with an Amish horse and buggy, challenging other drivers to a race is not recommended. Party bikes top out at 4.5 MPH. The Amish man (and horse) will win. Party bike winners are expected to use their party bikes to start a party bike business, not to park their party bike in a garage for a spinning class. However, party bike spinning classes are fair game. Party bikes must obey all traffic laws, including but not limited to driving on sidewalks, snow bans, crosswalks, one-way streets, and traffic signals. Party bike will not make a good substitute tow truck, nor do we recommend ramps, jumps, curbs, rails, or using the bike for any other types of stunt racing. Party bikes are ineligible to compete in the Tour de France, though we’ve heard that Lance Armstrong considered it once. As noted above in the buggy scenario, party bikes have proven to be lousy street racing vehicles. Don’t even bother. No, you cannot have too much fun on a party bike. Yes, party bikes are the brainchild of Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

SPB Giveaway Official Rules & Contest Details


Eligible contestants must demonstrate support from their local government which may include city council, mayor, chamber of commerce or a similar government entity. Local ordinances against quadricycles cannot exist.

1a. Applicants must be able to present a tour area that has a vibrant downtown or a community that is working towards creating an exciting downtown, which would support this venture. The community can also be a tourist attraction, historical attraction, or the applicant can provide reasons why the party bike would be a great addition to their community.  

1b. The community cannot currently have a party bike.  


A panel of independent judges will select a winning candidate. Judges will base their   decision on several factors and criteria to determine the best opportunity for a successful pedal bike business in a supporting community. 

Judges will select a winner based on criteria including:

    • Support from local government
    • A community large enough to support the bike on a regular basis.
    • Geography: Tour area cannot have large hills. 
    • A general business plan that includes where the bike will be stored, marketing strategy, and the ability to have start-up funds.   

3. PRIZE: 

One complete Sarka Party Bike with standard options. Additional options like adjustable roof can be purchased. Customer has the option to choose standard paint and canopy colors. 


Applicants to enter via online submission. Questions can be emailed to


The prize may not be redeemed for cash or transferred to another party.


Up to 5 finalists will be invited to Sarka on June 15th, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. to announce the winner of the pedal bike. Once the winner is chosen; Sarka will arrange delivery with the winner in our enclosed trailer free of charge. The bike cannot be exchanged for cash or any other value. Winner must pay applicable sales tax. 


Winner is expected to be actively preparing their party bike business to be operational in a reasonable timeframe after acceptance of the bike. Reasonable timeframe would be operating in the summer of 2023. 


Entries accepted until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 18, 2023. On Thursday June 1st, up to five finalists will be chosen and invited to a media event at Sarka on June 15th at 1PM, where the winner will be chosen by our judges. 


The winner, at the time of accepting the prize, must agree to be spotlighted in Sarka promotional material, photography, and video, highlighting your business and your project. Sarka agrees to never disclose sensitive business information like revenue or marketing strategy in our promotional efforts.

Let's Talk!

Ready to get into gear? We can’t wait to hook you up with new possibilities for your city.
Thanks for hopping on board. If you have a second, please let us know a little bit more about who you are and your interest in Sarka Party Bikes so we can help you out.
Check your inbox (and spam box!) for a link to complete the giveaway application for your chance to win a Sarka Party Bike!